Yosemite Golden Master Candidate Released

MacLife has reported today that “Apple Releases ‘Golden Master Candidate’ for Mac OS X Yosemite.” The release of Yosemite for general counsumption is imminent.

Yosemite is visually beautiful. I would say more so than Mavericks. It packs much more under the hood. The potential for even further, more advanced applications is on the horizon.

A Great Deal is Happening

Microsoft is readying Windows 9 for preview. Some believe either Microsoft gets it right this time or it will be their last kick at the can.

Then we have BlackBerry releasing Passport on Oct 1. This is an unknown as to how it will go over but it does introduce BlackBerry’s OS 10.3 software which will be even more capable at runing Andrlod apps. Blackberry’s application problem may finally clear up.

Finally, Apple’s big day is on the horizon now. We aboard the good ship Apple have taken quite the sail. Everyone is hoping for a great OS and experience as a result.