Release of Possibly the Last Beta GM

Apple released the fourth in a series of Gold Masters today for Yosemite. Every beta release is always welcome as they bring with them just a new level of stability and ease of use. In fact, Yosemite is quite stable now.

The speculation is not if Yosemite will be released this year but how soon. The answer is it’s likely to be released very soon. Yosemite is working well and it is working well with IOS 8.

The Operating Systems have Been Designed to Work Together

IOS 8 and Yosemite really work hand in hand. Some things in Yosemite, such as stuff that works with icloud, won’t work one without the other. The sooner Apple cn launch Yosemite the better.

This is a bit of an exciting time as both operating systems have been designed to deliver knew application functionality. Extensions and widegets can draw on aspects of either OS that enables a new capability not found in previous generations of the Operating System.