Bendgate: When Things Go too Far

IPhone 6 ADR Studio 4

In an article titled “Bendgate: Much Ado about Nothing” I indicated that this situation was more than likely being overblown and Apple was coming back fighting. Now in an article posted at The Verge called “Idiots are destroying iPhones at Apple Stores to prove they can bend” the situation is now getting a touch ridiculous.

It would appear that the fellows taking the video were lawfully in the store but illegally damaging Apple product to prove a point. It’s worth watching the video for some entertainment value.

If the bought the products they damaged, then of course they can do what they want with them taking whatever device they want to them to destroy them. If they didn’t pay for the products but this is straight hooliganism then I would wonder if it might not be interesting to see a video of them trying to bend the bars to get out of jail.

When people start doing this to prove some kind of ill conceived point you could probably easily argue that they do quite have all their faculties. I think it’s time to conclude point taken; things can be damaged and it’s time to move on with business.