Editors Choice for Oct on OS X Utility Software: Alfred

Alfred a Simple while at the Same time Powerful Automation Utility for the Mac

I’m a big fan of automation utilities but applying the right level of automation. It’s easy to get carried away with automation and automate things to death to find only that you’ve automated something you’ll never or rarely use again. All these automation utilities require work so you’ll want to automate that which will benefit the most. Launching applications is a good example and it is something that you constantly need to do. Alfred is an excellent application launcher which learns as you work.

You could easily go with the free version of Alfred and benefit. However, the PowerPack,a piece which you use to enhance automation functionality of Alfred allows Alfred to do so much more enhancing your overall experience.

Many consider Alfred not much more useful than spotlight unless it has the Powerpack. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend the power pack. With this, you’re able to create your own applications to automate processes or often others have already created applications which they share on the Alfred forum. You can take advantage of many of these applications and use them as is or modify them to meet your specific needs.

Alfred is an exceptional tool to assist you with your daily computing practices. It is very reasonable in price but it is a powerful tool when combined with the Powerpack.