Now all we Need Is Yosemite

With IOS 8 having made it’s debuted Now all we Need Is Yosemite

IOS 8 has arrived and with it two new iPhones that enhance functionality dramatically. Now all we need is Yosemite to complete picture. In fact, there are aspects of IOS 8 that don’t run properly without it. However, as much as we need Yosemite it shouldn’t be rushed either in case that were to affect performance. It’s preferable to have it as bug free as possible.

Fantastic Looking Upgrade

From all that we have seen Yosemite looks and sounds fantastic. Visually, it is a wonderful upgrade. From a functionality point of view, there are some aspects of IOS 8 that require Yosemite to complete it’s own functionality profile.

To date, there’s been a ton of discussion around IOS 8, the iPhone 6 and Bendgate. In fact, there has been such a preponderance of discussion around this that the potential of Yosemite relative to the new phones and IOS 8 haven’t been well discussed.

Considering Yosemite

Once we’re able to look away from some of negative aspects of what has been viewed in the IOS 8 rollout, the true potential of this ecosystem will reveal itself. There are so many wonderful and powerful sides of IOS 8 and Yosemite that have not seen the light of day it’s unfortunate as the discussion will allow us to get ready for what will soon be available.

In some ways, IOS 8 without Yosemite is a hobbled horse. Many application capabilities will be enabled once Yosemite is ready. The reality is, this is all coming together very soon.