IOS 8.0.2 Released Quickly and Quietly

IOS 8 update image

After a rocky first start update in IOS 8.0.1, Apple quickly but quietly released IOS 8.0.2. As we move to such advanced operating systems on our mobile devices, it is becoming more difficult for them to come out, first go, flawless. However, Apple is doing in good job in that they are doing a broad based, general beta to try to catch the worst of the problems before the OS goes gold.

IOS 8 has tremendous functionality. Loaded with updates and additions to IOS 7 the mobile space is moving forward quickly yet nicely. In addition, look to the extensions, widgets and seamlessness to make this a fantastic experience. Yes, there will be a few speed bumps as we move forward but it must be remembered that extremely powerful computers are in our hands.

When one looks at the unravelling that is going on in the Android space it is comforting to know that IOS remains the robust environment we have grown to know and love. In fact, I hold that the only other mobile operating system that holds a candle to IOS is the Blackberry. This is another story but it unfortunately has had a bad rap. IOS commands the mobile space because it is the mobile OS with nicely finished apps that work smoothly and enable completley new capabilities and applications.