Bendgate: Much Ado about Nothing

System failure

Bendgate, as it is referred to, is all the talk of the iPhone 6 upgrades these days. The issue has to do with primarily the iPhone 6 plus and it bending under pressure. Although interesting and certainly for those affected likely very disturbing, it really is much ado about nothing. Any product will have build specifications and performance limitations. Considering styles these days and the tightness of clothes, pockets have never been tighter. The iPhone 6 plus is definitely too large for anyone’s pocket.

Apple Fights Back

In a Global report titled “Apple breaks silence on ‘Bendgate’, defends allegations of bending iPhones.” they point out that of the ten million phones they’ve sold they’ve had 9 incident reports. There are probably clear reasons for this to happen. Phones stressed in ways that they’re not intended to be are going to fail. Drop the phone from a high enough height onto concrete and the glass will break. Submerge it in water and the circuitry will fail.

The significance of the upgrade is being overlooked unfortunately and getting buried. There are major enhancements to not only the phone but so too the OS. At the end of the day, it’s important to still see the forest for the trees.

Wilting tree