iPhone 6’s are Sold Out in Canadian Malls

Cute boy talking on brick cell

As report by CTV in this interesting report the iPhone 6’s sold out after Apple sold ten million of the devices. This is pretty impressive and Apple’s best showing for an iPhone after launch.

Watch the video along with reading the article “iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sell out in Canadian malls.“

This is a tremendous shot and as a result Samsung’s stock has taken a pounding to the loss of 30 billion dollars. The bigger screen is obviously what people were waiting for and it’s here along with IOS 8 which brings a lot of tremendous new functionality to the table.

Fascinating things are happening in all areas of tech and with devices that enable or at least assist with all the new and enhanced kinds of functionality this is more than an interesting point in time. What will be more than fascinating is where the numbers go on the device over the next few months and of course whatever else Apple has rolled up their sleeve.