Chronosync Express for the App Store was released today by Econ Technologies

Chronosync, one of the most powerful and reliable backup and sync solutions for the Mac was released today for the App Store as Chronosync Express. Chronosync as a complete backup and full sync solution is difficult to beat. Chronosync Express just lacks a couple of the features of Chronosync due to the App Store requirements but remains a powerful solution for your sync and backup needs.

The following is the press release as provided to the The Mac View/Daily Mac View:

ChronoSync Express Released For The Mac App Store

Chronosync has been review extremely positively in the article CHRONOSYNC IS MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS.

This is an exceptional product. The only thing I feel that is missing in the Mac App store app is the ability to create bootable backups. In the article “A ROBUST BACKUP STRATEGY” it highlights the value of this kind of backup. However, backup itself is considered, in its own right, just an extremely sound strategy to follow. This new product is a welcome addition.