Upgade Special – FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses

For those of you who Use or Love Filemaker

Filemaker 13 Welcome to

Filemaker is a fantastic database product for both the Mac and Windows. I thought I’d bring to your attention that they have a special on till Sept 26 on upgrade licenses. If you go to FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses for pricing, depending on what version you’re running, you can easily upgrade at the promotional rate.

Need Not be said but…

For those who have used Filemaker Pro this need not be said but it is a fantastic database product. It is cross platform in that it will run on the Mac, Windows and you can even get at your mobile data on IOS using the mobile apps.

Filemaker is one of the easier database systems to use but it is incredibly powerful. It supports full relational management of your various tables making it a powerful relational system. Yet, it is designed for end users who need this type of functionality.

If you would like to see a full fledged article at the Daily Mac View just let me know and if there is enough interest I’ll do one. I just might write an article regardless as it is an exceptional program.