It’s only a phone but What a Phone it Is: iPhone 6

Iphone 6
The iPhone 6 launched today from Apple. This was one of the most highy anticipated launches. With the array of Android phones pushing the envelope on larger sized screens, the iPhone 5’s screen seemed puny by comparison.

As such, there was a lot of pent up demand for this phone. People simply wanted that larger phone experience.

At First Blush it’s Only a Phone

At first blush, you look at the situation leading up to the iPhone 6 launch and realize that this is something IOS’rs have been longing for. The idea of a larger screened iPhone is a winner from the starting gate.

This all might be true but when you see people starting to line up for this phone days in advance, you’re immediate reaction is this is only a phone. Standing in lineup for more than a half hour to see a movie these days seems like a bother to most and thus the industry has it so this generally isn’t the case,

However, people did lineup for the iPhone 6 in great anticipation of the device.

Yet the iPhone 6 is an Incredible Device

To put it succinctly, the iPhone 6 is one fantastic phone. Is it worth standing in line for the time some did. That is really, at the end of the day, their prerogative and a personal decision. And exercising that right, these people came home as probably one set of happy campers with their new device.

The iPhone 6 Should do Very Well

Android doesn’t begin to measure up to IOS. I’ve had lots of personal experience with that now. With the iPhone 6 if Android were to continue to lead, it’s only because it’s cheap. There’s an old expression; you get what you pay for or the proof is in the pudding. This will be just such a test of an old saying.