Launchbar 6: It only Gets Better

Launchbar 6 themes

I have used “Launchbar” I think since I returned to the Mac in 2003. I’ve always said Launchbar, along with Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander I could not do without. I can’t tell you how many times in a day I invoke Launchbar via the command-space key sequence.

Launchbar v6 is absolutely an Editor’s pick. They’ve already taken a superb product and made it so much better. Visually, it is flexible, larger and using themes, stunning.

They’ve added more commands that don’t require Applescript. As an example, one of my absolute favorites is to make my Calendar entries in Launchbar and I do that using Fantastical. It’s as simple as hitting command-spacebar, typing SF for send to Fantastical and then writing out my entry as if I was in Fantastical. Very soon after I’ve done that, Exchange populates my Calendar throughout my whole environment.

Once you have used Launchbar it will become embedded in your DNA. It can do so much right from the program. One of the differences I love between Launchbar and Alfred 2 is you don’t have to find or work with complex workflows to make Launchbar do things. In Kirk McElhearn’s book “Take Control of LaunchBar” he outlines the numerous things Launchbar can do and it is just a matter of doing it and then you’re hooked.

Although Launchbar was an editor’s pick previously, version 6 just had to be given a nod once more.