Apple Watch is Now Reality but is it just another Fad

Apple watch

Speculated about for quite some time, the iWatch has now been officially unveiled. Offered in a stunning array of designs to suit a variety of personality styles, the watch has, at points, a classic look with the advanced functionality that goes with IOS devices.

Whether this will be faddish or catch on remains to be seen. Over the last forty years there have been many attempts to advance the watch with modern technology with nothing truly succeeding.

The classic watch remains to this day from all variety of companies such as Rolex, Movado and Bulgary really only building on the capability of keeping time more precisely. The look of the watch though has stuctural and classsic lines, regardless of style that goes back in time.

The time pieces that considered current in terms of style tend to die as a faddish trend of designers always with the classic of the watches remaining.

Time will only tell whether the Apple Watch will be successful.