Apple Pay the real Exciting News out of the Announcement

Wallet overflowing

Honestly, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus are impressive but it was rather ho-hum and to be expected as Apple had no where to go but up.

However, Apple Pay is a very exciting thing. To be able to change or if not revolutionize the way we pay for things is significant. It will take a company with the clout Apple has and the presence in the market with phones plus good technology to do exactly this.

Apple has all three of these ingredients. They are a company that has significant clout. They’ve got a lot of the percentage of smartphones and good smartphones that it makes Apple Pay very viable.

Finally, they are extremely inventive around both evolutionary and revolutionary technologies.

To be able to put all your credit cards in your phone and basically leave them at home is close to miraculous if they can pull it off. In many ways though, who better than Apple to pull this off.

The Industry is Technically Geared for Delivery

One company alone could not do this. However, combine their capabilities with that of others and the prognosis for this becoming a reality is more than real.

This is one of the most exciting things to come out of yesterday’s presentation. Should this happen and it’s not really even a should but a when this happens it will be extremely exciting and practical.

We’ve become awash in plastic to the point that our wallets are looking like brief cases. This technology will turn that trend and make a far more rationale system.I