VMWare Fusion v 7 is Launched


First Parallel’s launched recently Parallel’s Desktop 8. Now VMWare has launched Fusion for the Mac v 7. If you own either of these they are a must of an upgrade option as they are probably the most significant from these companies.

VMWare feels like a Native Machine

The power of the Virtual Machines increased a long while ago where in they in-fact did not really run at much of a lesser speed than a native PC. Now, the difference is infitesimal. Both products are basically excellent performers and it is hard to measure one against the other.

The Interface and your Personal Preference

Considering all things are very similar in terms of performance what’s left. The inferface. For some they like the more of what I like to call the bubble gum (this is not meant to be derogatory) aspecct of Parallels whilst others like a more minimalist approach to their computing style.

As an example, Joe Kissell wrote a great article on why he prefers VMWare. The article is tiled “Running Windows on a Mac: Why I prefer VMware Fusion.” I think for him it really boils down to the interface whereas I probably prefer Parallels due to its integration and just a pleasing look alongside Windows.

The bottom line is I’d get this upgrde as fast as you can as it is quite substantial and brings a lot to the table.