Byword best Distraction Free Editor

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Markdown for writing has taken off in a big way. One of the main reasons for this is to allow you to write using simple text based files with an uncomplicated markup language for formatting. Markdown editors, the best of then, will then thrive if they are truly distraction free environments.

Byword is most likely the best of the distraction free Markdown editors well designed to get your words on the web. It provides a clean slate with no puffery to distract you but rather just a simple text editor to write with. As I mentioned, the language to write in Markdown is simple and easily learnable. Once learned, you can write your words quickly whilst not having any fuss around formatting them.

Byword Runs on the Mac and IOS

Byword is a very complete program and runs on IOS as well it does on the Mac. Sync of documents in background and happens without interruption. It is easy to switch environments and continue on using a different platform if you wish.

Supports Publishing

Finally, you can buy an in-app purchase that enables you to publish your words directly from the program. It doesn’t support image publishing directly. However, you could host the images on a server like Cloud and using Markdown point to that server and file for the image. Thus your document can be published in its entirety.

This is a very hard program to beat and is loved by many. I would suggest this program for either the beginner or the advanced web writer.