Marsedit the Offline Web Publisher to Beat

Marsedit logo

I felt it time to do an editor’s pick and when I was scouring through the apps I realized there are quite a few that deserve worthy mention. First off though I’ll start with Marssedit something I use constantly to publsh mine and other‘s work to the site/s constantly.

Marsedit is simply the tool for offline web publishing on the Mac. Although I don’t use it as my editor but that doesn’t mean you can’t everything gets published via Marsedit from the images through to the text.

It’s a very flexible program. You can set it so that say you like Byword as your editor that can be the editor that comes up to work with Marsedit to publish your written material even though Byword supports offline publishing but only of text. You might want to use Marsedit due to the control it provides over the embedded images. I’ve used Marsedit but prefer Ulysses III currrently. From Ulysses III, once done, you just export your document to the clipboard as markdown text and paste it into Marsediit I add my images at this point and done.

This is a fantastic program and one I could not do without.I