Macbook Air rumors as to Retina release from MacWorld U.K.

At the Mac View we try to cull the news for interesting stories and only present you with that as opposed to everything under the sun of which there are a ton of sites already doing this.

With that said, this article “Retina MacBook Air release date rumours and specs: 12in Retina MacBook Air ‘this year…or next year’” it is of particular interest in Macworld UK is attempting to report on something many want and that’s a Macbook Air with Retina display. The article’s style is a bit off-putting in that it is long and vague and never seems to get to the point.and

The above aside the feeling is we are likely to see a 12” Macbook Air with Retina display and from their perspective near the end of the year or early next year. The problem appears to be in the specific type of Broadwell processor Apple would like from Intel.

Likely this Year as Apple Faces New Competitive Pressures

In my view, it is more than likely we will see a new Macbook Air Retina machine by the end of this year. Apple has come under new competitive pressures that are making them rethink the speed and timing of product releases. The competition is not standing still and since Apple is now the big boy in town they are the target of a lot of competitive action which is generally good for the consumer.

A Case in Point

A good case in point is the larger screen demand for the iPhone 6. They’re release date, although happily met with enthusiasm, is starting to look a bit unrealistic in the current climate and they most likely should have been prepared to go to market with something earlier in the year.

As an example, Blackberry’s flagship device the z30 was released at the end of 2013. This is considered technically very solid. This wasn’t the only device that was released with a larger display much earlier confirming to Apple the market’s desire for such a device.

But not at the Expense of an Inferior Product

Apple is not a company that will deliver an inferior product to market as we have see over and over again. However, technologies existed that allowed for a good if not great Apple say 4.7” iPhone. They could still have in their planning cycle the current iPhone 6, which sounds like it’s going to be dynamite.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple sticks to its current release model or change it so that they are more nimble and agile. Nimble and agile are critical in today’s competitive market a long with a superior product, something of which we are always likely to see from Apple.