A 12.9” iPad

In the previous article “Tim Cook says the iPad Business is Slowing” I mentioned that one solution to the problem to stimulate growth is to base demand on a new product. That would appear to be what Apple is doing according to this CBS report “Apple planning 12.9-inch iPad for 2015: report.“

For some, they are asking the logical question of what would I do with an iPad that size. For others this is welcome news and for many they’re not sure what to think at this point,.

Apple is likely to gain by doing this and hopefully not cannabilize their MacBook Air product. I suspect this unlikely as they could easily be positioned relative to function.

A 12.9 iPad most likely makes sense. Time will tell but one thing you could easily do with it is broaden its functionality via a keyboard, which are wonderful to use with the iPad, thus generating demand.

As the old expression goes there is only one way to go and that’s up. In the case of dormant demand for iPads this is necessary in terms of size to generate potential future growth.