Snagit’s 3.2 Upgrade Resolves compatibility Problem with Yosemite


Techsmith has just released version 3.2 of Snagit for the Mac. Snagit is probably he best of the midrange screen capture, image capture and video capture programs on the market. 3.2 though adds important functionality and ensures that the program will run in Yosemite.

Prior to 3.2, Snagit ran on Yosemite up till Yosemite’s most recent release. At that point, the program would freeze quickly during normal operation.

Fully Compatible with Yosemite


With the release of v 3.2 for the Mac, Snagit is now fully compatible with Yosemite. If you’re a Snagit user and were put out of business even temporarily by the recent release of Yosemite, you’ll delight in the fact that you have Snagit back.

There are others but…

There are other great screen capture programs on the market such as Voila and Screenium but Snagit just seems to have this function down to a tee. Not only can you easily capture something on your screen even if the program isn’t running, you can save the images to their cloud server that you immediately get a direct link for so others can simply view the capture. This saves both your disk space, transfer requirements and the other persons need to download the program.

Markup and basically all the tools you’d expect of a good screen capture program are available. Snagit makes it easy to relay a message to another to simply get information across that may unscramble a problem quickly.

Yosemite compatibility though is the clincher around this update. The Windows version of Snagit has also been updated so ensure you do that say if you run Parallels and Windows. It is just as powerful in Windows as it is on the Mac.