Intuit upgrades Quicken for the Mac to Quicken 2015

AppIcon 175x175 75 Quicken 2015

After quite some time, Quicken has finally upgraded its Mac version of the financial software to Quicken 2015. Intuit seemed to become quite derailed in its Mac strategy and was not at all prepared for the Intel switch by Apple.

Quicken Essentials Stopgap

Intuit came out with Quicken Essentials, an Intel capable program that did the essential things that you look in a financial program. However, everyone wanted a more powerful version.

Quicken 2015

Touted as a full fledged financial planning (control) program, Quicken 2015 brings back the horsepower Quicken users have been missing. Quicken 2015 might not have everything as its Windows brethren but it is a huge leap forward. It’s a great step up from Quicken Essentials as it is a powerhouse compared to Essentials.