OSX 10.10 Yosemite Beta updated August 16 to beta Version 6.1

Apple continues to make major strides with Yosemite as they prepare for a fall release. On Aug 16th they released another version of the beta. Titled 6.1 it is likely Apple will continue to make strides especially on the stability front.

Yosemite is a Delightful Operating System

Yosemite has proven a delightful Operating System right from the beginning. Each beta release has just brought further strides a long a number of fronts but primarily stability. Yosemite from the beginning was a great performer. It is fast.

However, stability plagued the OS as is to be expected for a beta system. As Apple prepares for their fall release of Yosmite they just want to ensure it is a viable and stable product.

They have proven clearly that not only is it a viable Operating System but it can be easily stated that this is the best and most advanced OS today on the market.

Stability thy name is Yosemite

Stability is coming along nicely in Yosemite. It will be ready for a fall release. Certainly, during a beta, most but not all of the bugs are removed from the system. Yosemite is the same. However, Apple had the luxury of starting with a tremendously robust core based on Mavericks.

Yosemite will be ready for prime time this fall that we can be sure of. The other thing that we can be sure of