New Mac Pro for 2014

Mac Pro

We’ve only just got our hands on the 2013 Mac Pro model and Apple is already preparing to deliver a new Mac Pro in 2014.

A Delight to use and Beautiful at the Same Time

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The Mac Pro is a both a delight to use and beautiful at the same time. Apple did a masterful job with it. It certainly is fast. Little affects it in terms of performance. And it certainly gets heads to turn.

A New One On it’s Way

However, according to this article titled “2014 Mac Pro release date, price and specs, Plus: new Intel chips indicate 2014 Mac Pro coming soon a new Mac Pro is being lined up for delivery in 2014.

Nice but Hardly Required

Bars of gold

The Mac Pro that was delivered in 2013 has so much staying power that a new one is really hardly necessary. That it will be greeted positively is a certainty as the 2013 probably sold much better than Apple anticipated.

Although some feel the death of the computer or desktop is near I think that hardly the case. The computer’s power and capability, especially the Macs, is hard to replicate in a handheld. That a handheld can do a tremendous amount is without doubt but OSX, especially with the power of the Mac Pro behind it, can’t be beat.