First Launchbar v6; Now Alfred 2.4 all make for Nice Upgrades

First we saw Launchbar do a massive upgrade from v5 to v6. Now Alfred has done a nice upgrade to v2.4. With the upgrade comes Yosemite themes the nicest part of the upgrade.

Yosemite Themes

Alfred v2.4 supports two styles of Yosemite theming. You can choose from either a dark or light colour. Regardless, either theme is a nice enhancement to a variety of themese. However, since Yosemite’s interface is by far the nicest of the OSX interfaces, the Yosemite theme is one of the nicest things that v2.4 offers.

Other Enhancements

There are lots of other bugfixes and enhancements to this upgrade of Alfred. From the Alfred Blog the slew of enhancements are available.

There is File System Fuzzy Matching, Improvements to the Workflow routines and general improvements along with bugfixes. Both the fuzzy matching and the improvements to workflows are of particular interest.

Worflow creation is the trickiest part of really taking advantage of Alfred’s potential. The enhancements added to the creation of workflows should not only improve on workflow routine creation but add to that which can be created.

Not For the Faint of Heart

Creation of workflows honestly are for the faint of heart and if you have a real abohorence to these Launchbar might be a better alternative due to the amount that is built right into the programs function. If you really though are an Alfred devotee but still aren’t geared to workflow development it’s time to head over the forums for the shared workflows that many have created for others use. It is here you can get a vast array of built workflows most of which you won’t have to tweak.

Regardless, this is a nice little upgrade that should prove more than enjoyable.