iStat Menus Upgraded to V5

iStat Menus was upgraded from version 4 to version 5 and what a nice upgrade it is. The program basically functions the same but the interface has been substantially enhanced.

Cosmetically Beautiful

The new interface for version 5 is to put it simply beautiful. iStat Menus has always been not just a valuable program but fun to use. Now it is all of these things plus it looks so nice.

This purchase or upgrade is more than worth it. If you don’t use iStat Menus it is a fantastic program to keep you in touch with the function of your computer. Although much of this can be done from the built in program Activity Monitor the level of function that you receive from iStat Menus is hard to rival. Easy to use by just glancing at the menus icons, by pulling them open there is a wealth of information.

Now the menus are visually stunning. Further, you get feedback information that can alert you to problems or avert problems that are occurring.

This is a high recommendation for the program. It is one I could not do without.