The iPhone 6 is Definitely on its way yet now with another date …

Iphone 6

The one thing about covering Apple is the rumour mill certainly can keep you busy. It’s now rumoured that we will see the iPhone 6 September 9. This is expected to be a hotly sought after phone for a variety of reasons.

Possibly the date is earlier as there is a lot of pressure on Apple to get a phone out there soon with a larger display as this seems to be what the consumer wants. Androids recent increase in popularity is not likely based on its cost but rather the various choices an individual has where it comes to phone size.

Most likely the iPhone line, once the iPhone 6 makes its debut will likely provide a nice range of options within getting insane. The choice in the Android market is close to nuts. The iPhone line should prove not only more interesting but provide depth whilst at the same time making choice easier.

I think we will all be happy when Apple finally announces though the day the iPhone 6 will be available.