Not this year for the AppleTV

If the rumours are to be believed, the AppleTV, with its purported new lineup of channels, is not going to be released until 2015. This is very unfortunate but it is not due to anything Apple is doing to slow its release but that of the cable companies.

For a device that was once called a hobby by Apple it has turned into one of Apple’s most beloved systems. Bringing to you movies as they are released from the studios to a variety of channels such as Netflix its hard not to love the AppleTV.

Apple wants to bring you a more capable device. They want to include a much greater variety channels and to do this the cable companies have to be on board. However, is as it is typical, the cable companies are worried about loosing business to Apple as they too have found that “On Demand” services are in demand. People like being able choose when to watch a show and to control, as much as they can, what they watch. Thus, if it is possible to skip the ads that’s what people are doing.

Again, this is merely rumour at this point that which is slowing
Apple’s delivery of a newly enhanced AppleTV. The AppleTV has now become Apple’s largest growing, year over year product.

I’ve had the AppleTV from its very first day of delivery basically. Powered along with a disk drive, the blu-ray player I bought at the same time has seen one play. On that first AppleTV the idea was movies you bought you could store locally and play them back anytime at your leisure.

Today’s AppleTV though is fully powered by iCloud and a local drive is unnecessary. We will be hearing a lot more about iCloud as Apple has finally got it right. Today’s iCloud simply invokes confusion as no one really know’s what it is. Hidden behind software this is what Apple intended it to be however, it was a mistake to do it this way. Both the consumer and the developer are displeased by the current iCloud.

The new AppleTV will be powered by the new iCloud something which we’ll hear more about over time. The next AppleTV, if it comes out with the array of channels that we hear through rumours it will have should be a device that will sell extremely well for Apple. I personally am frustrated that there are more delays in the delivery of the purported device but am so keenly happy with what I have.