Sudden Turn on Blackberry Stock


It’s odd, no sooner had I written about how well BlackBerry stock was doing, it took a sudden turn that very day when IBM and Apple announced a joint deal to develop enterprise applications. BlackBerry plummeted.

The intesting thing here is the fundamentals for BlackBerry’s good fortune of late has nothing to do with what caused it to plummet. John Chen has a plan for BlackBerry based on a niche oriented approach which draws on strong components in the BlackBerry product line.

Apple’s deal with IBM probably has more to do with Google (speculation) than anything.

Interestingly, Google presents a problem for both Apple and Microsoft. In some ways, you could say that for Microsoft and Apple Google is their main competitive challenge.

The IBM deal with Apple though, is of value to Apple and the Apple consumer of product. This is interesting that Apple is even venturing at this level into the corporate market something which is has traditionally avoided.

Will BlackBerry stock though irrespective of this deal continue to rise. Time will tell. The fundamentals though behind John Chen’s strategy are with merit.

Times are getting interesting without doubt.