Speculation still Persists around the AppleTV

The AppleTV remains probably Apple’s most under-utilized device. However, it’s potential is so great. As such, rumours and speculation abound as to what Apple might do. If they don’t do something soon, it might be too late for them on this front. Others are pursing this venue vigorously and may leave Apple in their dust.

It is difficult to understand why Apple, after having made such a success in music with iTunes, the iPod and eventually the iPhone would even hesitate to take advantage of the AppleTV. Capable of doing so much and loved by millions of users, it‘s no wonder people sit in bewilderment around Apple’s foolish “this is a hobby” statement that they have espoused. Hopefully, they’re over this.

One of the most major areas of speculation has been that Apple will add some significant content via channels to the device. By doing the appropriate deals with the proper channels they could add incredible content to the AppleTV, something which others such as Roku are not shyly doing.

The current rumour and speculation has it Apple will make it easier for developers to create games for various channels. This of course would have great appeal to gamers. However, more significantly, Apple could add channels to provide a variety of entertainment content. As they’ve seen, the addition of Netflix certainly did not hurt the iTunes or AppleTV business.

Apple could easily dominate in yet another field. The quality of the AppleTV is superb and one might imagine it handling a great deal. Properly enabled, this is not the least unfeasible.

Let’s see what the fall has to bring. The gamer community certainly has taken a sudden interest in AppleTV rumours. What would be nice though is the fruition of the other rumours that have the AppleTV properly decked out with on demand channels.I