Apple’s Rumour Mill is Running in High Gear

In the tech press, rumours abound as to what Apple has up its sleeve.
There’s not a day that goes by that something isn’t written about the unannounced iPhone 6. Some of these rumours verge on absolute absurdity.

To a large degree this has to do with Apple’s very secretitive ways. Until Apple announces something there is no way of knowing what it is that you have till it is actually released. The Beat’s acquisition was a good case in point about the rumour mill running wild. To be fair, this acquisition had many scratching their head in wonderment as to what this was all about. Since Apple was saying little rumours abounded as to why Apple would spend this kind of money on a music service.

As Apple begins breaking into the corporate environment, the days of them operating with such silence as to what they are doing could fade. Companies need a sense of direction as to what Apple’s plans are so they can incorporate these plans into their own directions. Apple is penetrating the corporate market simply by an employee bringing his own device.

Should Apple ever see the day where they are far less silent as to what they are doing, the rumours that are generated might begin to cease into solid analysis. The rumour mill is, to put it bluntly, annoying. Journalists desperate to write about something write about any little rumour or strange theory they have on an issue.

I’d welcome the day Apple’s corporate silence around future plans ceases although maybe the day is coming. The release of Yosemite for public assessment strikes me as a large turning point for Apple. Let’s hope it continues.