Apple Stock has been on a Tear

Over the last month, Apple stock has risen dramatically from around $600 to around $640. Likely a large part that plays a role in this is the 7 for 1 stock split that is occuring June 2 and the buy back plan offer the company has proferred up. There might be some pent up expectation around WWDC and the announcements of the day but likely this plays a small role in Apple’s good fortunes. .

However, if you look at Apple’s stock growth over the last year it has been very healthy. The company has been performing well and many assumed Apple to be undervalued relative to other tech stocks.

It will be interesting to see if this comings WWDC helps or hurts the stock. Provided there is something of value in what is to be announced there is no reason to think Apple’s stock won’t continue to perform well. However, if there was little in tomorrow’s announcement then it would be anyone’s guess as to what will happen.