OmniFocus 2 was released today for Sale


OmniFocus 2 for the Mac, an upgrade people have eagely been waiting for, was released today. It has been released in two flavours; the regular version and the pro version. The Pro version. which costs $79, adds custom Perspectives, the ability to assign focus to a task and Applescript capability.

The regular version, which is $39, includes everything but the above. For the majority of users the regular version will be not only adequate but beyond adequate. The upgrade has been beautifully done. It includes sophisticated functionality but approachable functionality. That is, the product is intuitive and although help is useful you can get around in OmniFocus much better than you could OmniFocus 1.

An article will be written at the Daily Mac View detailing the upgrade. Although there is much that has already been written about OmniFocus 2, it doesn’t hurt to revisit the subject especially now that we have clarification around versions, the pricing, who each is intended for and how one would go about making the choice. However, as noted, OmniFocus regular will be more than adequate to do the job for most people.