Apple Buys Beats to strengthen iTunes

Dr Dre headphones

Apple made a purchase last week that surprised many. They bought Beats the makers of Dr. Dre headsets. They have a streaming service that caught Apple’s attention as they want to strengthen iTunes. iTunes has been declining somewhat and Apple likely decided to make this investment to stem the tide.

The sale was worth 3.2 billion dollars. There are many questions that remain of course. Will Apple incorporate Beats technology into their own streaming service. Will an iPhone come with Dr. Dre earphones. This I find unlikely as Dr. Dre headphones are very expensive. Whether they’re worth the cost seems debatable but many people swear by this product.

It certainly is not a large investment for the size of a company such as Apple and if it changes things somewhat for iTunes it might be a significant right move.

Personally, this strikes me as odd. I am hoping we see from Apple some interesting technologies and approaches. Whether this accomplishes for Apple what they want remains to be seen. I’m just hoping this isn’t a sign of the new Apple as it is disconcerting.

Dr dre in ear headphones