Apple Stock hits the $600 Barrier for the First time in a Year

Apple investors have something to smile about. Yesterday, Apple’s stock closed at over $600. This hasn’t been the case for over one year, and it is significant.

Apple has been considered undervalued for quite sometime relative to its peers. There are many possible explanations for this including the expectation on Apple for the next “big” hit.

At this coming years, WWDC we should be far more enlightened what is to come. Many feel that nothing has happened beyond what Steve Jobs produced and there is much of truth to this.

Does Apple’s move to the $600 point indicate that this barrier might be being broken down or is it merely that Apple has just done a massive buy back of stock plus the 7 for 1 share break down that is to occur June 2.

The answers to these questions should become clearer after WWDC, and it may consist on a variety of factors instead of anyone specific factor. Regardless, it is in no one’s best interest that Apple is not properly evaluated. Correction is coming quick or at least the reasons for the misalignment of the stock and its current share value.