Apple to likely focus on OSX at this year’s WWDC

It is now expected that Apple’s prime focus at this year’s WWDC will be on OSX. The goal is to rationalize the OSX interface so that it is consistent with IOS. in fact, so much work is happening on OSX that IOS may be delayed or released with a reduced feature set. The feature set of IOS would likely in this event be filled out by a .1 release about six months later.


Apple would like to continue with the progression towards the IOS look and feel; that minimalistic perspective that jumped forward in IOS 7. This is likely a very smart move on Apple’s part.

it is expected fully that OSX will remain OSX meeting the needs of that community. Although an interface overhaul is more than likely which will bring OSX into line with IOS, the under the hood workings of OSX will remain in tact thus quelling any fears that the workings of the OS would be affected.