Apple Releases Updated MacBook Air

Apple release an updated MacBook Air Tuesday, the first of anything new to be released by Apple in 2014. Although this is just a minor refresh of a great product it does something interesting. One of the most significant of the new features is the price. Apple dropped the price by $100 across the line.

The new price puts the MacBook Air in the price point of high end PCs. That is, Apple, price wise, is now competitive with a good PC. This is significant as Apple has always had price presented as one of the major stumbling blocks to greater adoption. Potentially, there should be a further uptick in Mac sales.

As part of the refresh, the processors have been updated to the most current of the Haswell line. Further, there is now a 512 gig option for the hard disk as a $300 upgrade. To add 4 gigs of memory to total 8, which is really what a Mac that is doing work requires, is now $100.

In the U.S. MacBook Air‘s start at $899 and in Canada MacBook Air‘s start at $999 and go up from there based on configuration.