Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business increased from 25 gigs to 1 Terabyte per user

In keeping with Microsoft’s rapid cloud push as envisioned by Nadella in his “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy Onedrive for Business has been extensively reconfigured.

Onedrive for Business has been increased from 25 gigs per user to 1 Terabyte per user. This is a massive increase in the cloud storage available to a user. This full breaks down any impediment to the cloud being used for a wide variety of applications including the most important of which is the sharing of information.

The sharing of information goes beyond just pure sharing of a document to active collaboration on a document. Collaboration, something that has been worked towards for years and has had trouble truly taking off, now promises to be a real possibility.

For more extensive coverage on this very significant development see Mary Jo Foley‘s article “Microsoft OneDrive for Business now offers 1 terabyte of cloud storage per user.”