Jony Ives will be the most powerful Man at Apple – Cook’s days May be coming to an End if he Doesn’t Deliver

Jony Ives is preparing to take over the company’s ‘human interface’ team that designs software for its products as Apple’ Greg Christie is preparing to retire. This will make Ives the most powerful man in Apple.

One has to wonder, with Tim Cook’s complete non-delivery of any product that is Tim Cook’s (all for Steve Job’s era) if something might be in the air. Personally, unless Tim Cook delivers by the WWDC I think it is time for him to go. He is a nice man but he is not a technical visionary. Microsoft went out of their way to ensure they found that in Satya Nadella.

Granted, Nadella hasn’t proven himself yet but in ways he has. The industry and the market has embraced his vision of “mobile first, cloud first.” Office 365 is a very interesting product that is supposedly going over very well and Nadella was behind that.

WWDC 2014 is approaching fast. Tim Cook has to deliver. Let’s see what the Apple board does but do they really want to repeat the 90’s again under Sculley. I would think not.