Ive’s is taking on an Expanded Role at Apple

Greg Christie of Apple, who led the company’s “human interface” team that designs software for its products, is retiring, and Jony Ive’s will be taking over his responsibilities. This is very significant for Jony Ive’s as he is already the most powerful person in Apple and his base is getting larger.

One has to wonder if Jony Ive’s is being groomed to replace Tim Cook. Cook’s performance is being questioned broadly now as he’s been in the role of CEO for around three years and he’s delivered nothing that was not of Steve Job’s making. He even went so far as to say great things are going to be delivered in 2014 and he’s delivered nothing.

I suspect the last thing Apple wants is a repeat of the disaster that occurred under Sculley in the 1990’s. Jony Ive’s has a proven track record of delivering not just product but stunning product. This was never the role Tim Cook played in the company.

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