OmniFocus 2 to be released in June and Beta has restarted

The Omnigroup announced that OmniFocus 2 for the Mac would be released in June. Full fledged beta testing began yesterday with approximately 30,000 users who were part of the original trial and testing.

This is exceptionally good news. OmniFocus 2, originally debuted in February 2013, was stuttered due to Apple’s June 2013 announcement at WWDC of IOS 7. The stylistic changes in IOS 7 had a tremendous impact on the course the Omnigroup wanted to take with OmniFocus.

The Omnigroup’s preview of the to be released product looks great and it is influenced by the IOS 7 stylistic changes. The June release of the product will bring an OmniFocus 2 that lines up nicely with the rest of the products in the OmniFocus lineup.