Apple still Might be working on Something significant with Comcast using an AppleTV

In this MacWorld article “Your next Apple TV could come from Comcast” a cogent discussion is undertaken in which Apple is still planning on doing something with it’s AppleTV and likely Comcast now. A lot of rumours swirled at Christmas which got people’s expectations quite high only to be throttled.

The Apple under Tim Cook cannot keep operating this way. In fact, Apple can’t keep operating this way. This wasn’t why made the company great. Rather Steve Jobs led the company from the brink to the pillar it is today. He didn’t do that by getting people’s expectations up and then failing to deliver. He delivered.

There is no question Apple is a force to be reckoned with. However, many people associate that force with Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has yet to demonstrate his own hand on anything yet. It is my own strong feeling he has to do this in 2014 as he’s had more than enough time to ready himself. Secondly, Apple themselves will need such money.

This seems like a short time since Steve Jobs’ passing however, in the tech industry things move very fast. It really is time to see something new and exciting from the new leader of Apple.