Office for the iPad Likely Coming

The speculation is happening fast and furious that Microsoft, under the new CEO Nadella, will release an iPad version of Office. In this MacWorld article “Will Satya Nadella launch Office for iPad next week?” it is being taken as a given that this will happen.

Hopefully, this is is the case and not for Apple’s sake. Microsoft has made one mistake after another, under Steve Ballmer, that has cost the company dearly. Microsoft, as I have written about extensively, has in Office 365 a very compelling product. If Microsoft can begin to envision itself as a services based platform company everyone could be winners.

Apple has the end users mindshare around the device of choice. Microsoft has an enterprise capable platform for end user productivity. Combined this is a powerful combination and both companies can do very well. However, Apple could go it a lone and the long term loser in this proposition would be Microsoft.

Microsoft has to stop thinking they were the company of ten years ago. They are so far from that yet it‘s not shocking. No one could have done a worse job for Microsoft than Steve Ballmer thus leaving the company in a far different position than the company of yore. However, combine Microsoft’s stength in Office 365 with that of Apple and it could and would most likely be a strong win win.

The company Microsoft should really be concerned about is Google, not Apple. Time will tell very soon what Microsoft will do. I’m betting on an iPad version of Office on the 27th.