DEVONthink Pro Office can be purchased at The Mac and Daily Mac View

In our continuing efforts to deliver high quality content to you and add and improve our services offered, you are now able to purchase DEVONthink Pro Office directly from The Daily Mac View and The Mac View. By clicking the icon that looks like the following,

you will be directed to the checkout for the product.

DEVONthink has been extensively covered at The Daily Mac View providing you with a wealth of information outlining its strengths and so too some of its weaknesses. Although this certainly isn’t a product for all, it provides unique capabilities ideally suited to many types of professional such as the researcher, writer, professor and a segment of those in the business world.

The Mac View and The Daily Mac View will continue with its ongoing efforts both to bring you high quality content on sites dedicated to easy navigability. Additionally, it is our goal to continue to bring you more services of a relevant nature.