Tim Cook is Blowing It

In the article “Tim Cook Could be Blowing it” I followed on from a story that Tim Cook might be blowing it. I’m coming to the disconcerting opinion that Tim Cook Is Blowing It. Handed something by Steve Jobs that was gold, namely Apple he is fully resting on the laurels of everything Steve Jobs did from his creations.

I’ve always viewed Tim Cook as a nice man but I’ve frequently wondered could he even begin to continue with the wonderful work Steve Jobs did. I have to answer this with a resounding no. What one thing has he done that isn’t just a continuation and evolution of what Steve Jobs brought us. Nothing! He’s done nothing.

This is a bit frightening. Apple is a tremendous company and he single handedly could destroy that. For Apple, they sit on a lot of cash and it would take a long time to bring them down. But if they fall, it will take another Steve Jobs to correct the fall. This was not Microsoft’s problem. They‘ve just faltered. Apple would crash.

Tim Cook needs to do something new that the market likes. He was fortunately handed gold. Let’s see what he turns it to.