Comcasts Purchase of Time Warner might affect Apple’s AppleTV Deal

It was rumoured Apple is preparing something significant with Time-Warner and the AppleTV. What this would likely be is a new AppleTV box, with greater capability providing enhanced content from Time-Warner.

Now where things stand is unknown. Again, this is a rumour to begin with but as it goes the thinking is that Comcast would not see it in their interest to provide Apple with such services. Comcast would likely want to sell their own service and box and keep prices high.

On the AppleTV, regardless of what happens here with Comcast something is likely to occur as Apple is positioned well to provide a broad range of content via the AppleTV. When Apple changed the music industry on its ears, they fought back to the bitter end as they did not want to see the outcome we have but their fight only hurt them as rather than transitioning themselves for the new realities they spent a lot of time and resources on keeping the status quo.