Apple’s plans for the AppleTV in 2014

Apple may or may not have big plans in store for the AppleTV 2014. Many people are hoping this is true. This could be a next frontier for them to conquer much like music. They have one of the nicest and very affordable players and they’ve got a good mix of content now. The rumour has it that Apple might do a fairly substantial deal with Time Warner for content of a substantial nature.

With the Comcast acquisition of Time Warner there is now a question as to how this affects Apple’s plans for the AppleTV. However, sometimes reporting is done on Apple as if people really know what Apple is planning and of course they don’t.

Apple can definitely do some significant things with the AppleTV if they chose to do so. This might be a fairly enlightening thing for if Apple fails to seize the moment then they have definitely lost something as big as every one worried about the day Steve Jobs left us.