Cute Film that demonstrates the Significance of Technology but in a heartfelt Fashion

Every so often something very moving comes along that has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with technology. in this very moving yet cute film we see an older man; a father who wants to learn how to read so that he can read his son’s book. 

He accomplishes what he set out to do. In the end he reads the book and tells his son who is in disbelief but ecstatic. He orders his father a Bell’s whiskey to celebrate as astonishingly this is a whiskey ad but a delightful one. 

One thing the story teaches us though is that simple technology leads to sometimes outstanding outcomes. In this case, the man’s ability to read makes both he and his son very happy. Technology can have a powerful role to fulfill in our lives whether that which is very sophisticated or that which is basic but essential to everything.

I hope you enjoy this little video as much as I did:

[wpvideo gG2tHTah]