Bill Gates supposedly spent his first Day Back in the Office installing Windows 8

This is almost humorous but Bill Gates supposedly spent his first day back in the office installing Windows 8. Word has it, after calling in the new CEO for assistance, he gave up.
If this is true, it is ironic that he was faced with what a lot of what users have been faced with. To add to the whole scenario, supposedly he decided he’d stick with Windows 7.

I run Windows 8.1 on my Mac and I’m fine with it. Part of the reason I think for this is I rarely use Windows. So although I had Windows 7 for years, I didn’t use it that much. Thus, the transition to Windows 8 was not such a big deal for me. For a lot of users though Windows 8 would have been a dramatic shift in the way they use their computer. Some liked this shift. Many did not as they just wanted to get their work done. The computer was standing between them and accomplishment of a task. This is the last thing one would want nor expect.