IOS 7.1 is on its Way

Apple, I suspect, is not far from releasing IOS 7.1. Having released beta 2 and 3 of 7.1 back to back with beta 3 having come just last week bodes well for a release of this fairly

substantial increase to IOS 7. It is never easy with Apple to project when a product will be released but activity around their releases of betas are generally good indicators of when a product will follow suit.

IOS 7.1 is expected to add some new features to round out the offering better and to provide valuable bug fixes.

IOS 7, though having strong positive enthusiasm with some mild balking has been extremely well received. It is expected that soon all apps will have to comply to the 7.0 look and feel. To read more on the subject see “iOS 7.1 Update Breakdown (iPhone, iPad)“.