Windows 8 and 8.1; where Microsoft is at At

I was reading this article titled “Windows 9 is coming: Feels like Windows Phone all over again” at Zdnet by James Kendrick and I thought I’d share it with you as it brings out two aspects of Windows 8 and 8.1s plight that need discussing. There is another article I’m also going to share and comment on after

this that I think is far better researched and thus the conclusions are more enlightening. In fact, I think in this article not only did the author ruin his credibility around the article when he proclaimed Windows 8.1 the best and “he’s sticking to it” but he ruined his credibility.

I’ve already given away the story. Well, he initially views Windows 8 as dead which it is. He then goes on to say that Windows 8.1 fully redeemed Microsoft and well… The last time I looked at 8.1 it was alright as far as it went but I’d never recommend it to anyone running Windows 7. They would wonder what I’ve done with their Windows.

If someone wants to upgrade beyond Windows 7 I’m a strong advocate of OSX and Mavericks to be more precise. This OS and those that follow it are intended to carry Apple for the next ten years and run the kind of demanding applications expected to come along. This is a good OS that will run OSX apps and Windows apps.

My view of Windows 8 is that it is dead. Microsoft’s best course of action is to invest heavily, which they are doing, in something that is really good and that’s their Office 365 offering. This is a good product with a lot of potential which just needs to be well understood. Unfortunately, Windows 8 is killing them as so many are focused on this product and it just isn’t good.